The Advanced Speech Translation Research and Development Promotion Center (ASTREC) pursues the research and development of multilingual speech translation technologies and verification testing of those technologies in the community through collaborations between industry, academia and government, with the goal of eliminating the “language barriers” of the world and to realize free interaction between people on a global level.


MediaMar. 16, 2017 The media coverage page has been updated.
Press ReleaseJan. 26, 2017 A press release regarding the development of a technology to increase space weather forecast accuracy was issued.
EventJan. 20, 2017 We will be exhibiting at "Inbound Business EXPO Japan 2017 (IBEJ2017)," which will be held at TOKYO BIG SIGHT from Feb. 1 to 3 (Wed-Fri).
Press ReleaseJan. 18, 2017 A press release regarding "the release of a high-precision and secure machine translation system for English patent documents" was issued.