The Advanced Speech Translation Research and Development Promotion Center (ASTREC) pursues the research and development of multilingual speech translation technologies and verification testing of those technologies in the community through collaborations between industry, academia and government, with the goal of eliminating the “language barriers” of the world and to realize free interaction between people on a global level.


MediaJan. 06, 2020 The media coverage page has been updated.
Press ReleaseJan. 15, 2020 NICT has jointly developed an AI automatic translation system for finances.
NewsJan. 09, 2020 A video that introduces the API of the sandbox server— which can be used for free during the Multilingual Speech Translation Contest Vol. 2—was released.
EventNov. 15, 2019 "The 3rd Automatic Translation Symposium" at CongresSquare Nihonbashi is scheduled to be held on Mar. 11, 2020.
PrizeAug. 30, 2019 Dr. Kenji Imamura and Dr. Eiichiro Sumita of the Advanced Translation Technology Laboratory were awarded the "Excellent Research Award" at the 241st Special Interest Group of Natural Language Processing Meeting, Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ-SIGNL), for their paper titled "Neural Machine Translation that Recycles Pre-trained BERT Encoder.